OxyE-100 Drops

Exclusively From:  Mike’s Natural Pet Market

OXY-Natural Drops is a safe and stable compound which offers many internal and topical uses. It is a powerful oxidizing substance which can act as a bactericide, viricide and fungicide.
Ingested, OXY E-Natural Drops releases precursors which assist the body in the removal of dangerous free radicals which cause aging and disease. Oxy-Natural Drops helps to increase the efficiency of enzymes involved in oxidation of foreign material and pathogens in the body such as viruses.

OXY-Natural Drops is very alkaline, and can therefore help to neutralize stomach acid for those who suffer with Acid Reflux. It may help digestion and colon flora and may increase energy and endurance.

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Restore - Extreme Potency Probiotics For People, Pets and all Living Creatures

Colonies of  “friendly” bacteria must thrive in the colon for it to function properly. Without this beneficial bacteria, ourselves and our pets are more susceptible to harmful yeasts, intestinal toxemia, dangerous bacteria, viruses and a wide spectrum of other problems. Why? Because without the good bacteria to eat up the toxic waste from food that has not been completely digested and eliminated, the inner walls of the colon can become encrusted
with layers with layers of putrefying wastes. As it builds up over the course of time, this layered waste can become thick and hard, forming a barricade that prevents vital nutrients from passing through the walls and being fully absorbed by the organs and systems that need these nutrients to do their jobs. In addition, just as in a garbage dump, where vermin and disease are drawn by decaying waste, the colon becomes a breeding ground for  
numerous harmful bacteria, yeasts and more. The added toxins produced by these unwelcome invaders can spread through the body, literally poisoning the system. The “starved’ and poisoned organs and systems then become stressed and eventually weaken, fail to function properly, and can break down. This is why so many researchers now believe that...DEATH BEGINS IN THE COLON.

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Organic Parvaid - Remedy for the Parvovirus and its Imitators

Parvaid, an organic and all natural remedy for Parvovirus and its imitators.

This protocol includes a 17 page printed, highly detailed plan for how to treat a puppy with Parvo. This method is approximately a 90% cure rate.

You can download The Parvo Book here (pdf)!