About Mike's Natural Pet Market

Written by Mike Cavanaugh, Owner of the Natural PET Market

Since I opened my store in September of 2000, my main focus has been to solve most health issues by recommending specific foods for each and every pet, addressing their specific health issues, symptoms, lifestyle, breed or mix and more. I still focus mainly on that effort. Correct diet can make a huge difference in a pet's well-being, health and longevity. During most of that time, the store featured a minimal amount of supplements and almost no remedies of any type. I carried a few basics, like vitamins, arthritis supplements, skin and coat supplements and digestive boosters. I left most treatments in the hands of veterinarians.
Now more than ever, the processed foods in our "Americanized" diet along with our widespread use of prescriptions and non-prescription drugs have us consuming chemicals and chemical cocktails in huge quantities. We are the most scientifically advanced and the richest per-capita country on the planet. Sadly, we are also the sickest. The same holds true for our pets. They tell us... "Don't drink the water!"... when we visit Mexico. Yet, Mexican people have no problem drinking it on a daily basis. The reason? People in third world countries, like Mexico, have not experienced a lifetime full of antibiotics, chemical vaccinations, chemical food additives, fertilized crops, insecticides and more. All of these chemicals contribute to the body's breakdown and inability to heal itself, keep itself healthy and nourish itself correctly.

I never carried any wormers in the store, because chemical wormers are poisons which we give to an animal to kill a smaller animal infesting its system. If we don't identify the specific parasite, we won't get the job done and most likely will have to use an additional poison to kill the worms. So then we have a pet whose system is weakened with two or more poisonous chemicals in its system. Parasites are carriers of bacteria, infection, and disease. In fact, those health issues, more than the parasites themselves, do the greater amount of damage in most cases.

With all that said, in the last couple of years, more than ever, it has become extremely important to boost the body's own healing abilities with supplements. Natural supplements are always the best, because synthetic ones start adding chemicals again. Also, it is important to mention that supplements in pill form offer minimal nutrient action. This is because with pills, 80% to 90% are flushed through the digestive system then right out of the body.

Not having been proficient in the knowledge of supplementation, I have made it my personal goal to learn about it, then teach the information, and then provide for sale, some of the best alternative natural pet supplements available in our world today.

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